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Check Your Propane Tank Level

As the mercury drops, we’d like to stress the importance of monitoring your propane usage. The temperature that the state of propane changes from liquid to vapour is -44°F. This is the vaporization point. Pressurized propane vapour in your tank is what fuels your household appliances. As temperatures rise, more vapour is created. Conversely, as the temperature decreases towards -44°F, less vapour is made available to feed your appliances. To mitigate this, it’s vital to keep your propane tank levels above 20-25% in the wintertime. We recommend checking your propane tank level periodically to ensure you have enough fuel for your propane system to operate effectively. Here are a few tips for checking your tanks:


Reading your gauge


Your propane tank has a dial gauge under the lid which displays the percentage of fuel in the tank. To allow for expansion of the fuel, tanks can only be filled to 80%. It’s prudent to request a delivery if your tank gauge is below 30%. The gauge operates from an arm attached to a float inside of the tank. In upright tanks/cylinders, it is possible for that arm to get stuck. It’s a good idea to give the tank a shake, if possible, to ensure the gauge is operating properly.


Cellular monitor


We offer a cellular monitoring system as an automatic delivery option. This monitor affixes to the dial gauge on the tank and can be accessed digitally. You can download the smartphone app called ‘Nee-Vo’ to check your propane usage. Our team monitors tank levels, remotely, and dispatches deliveries when tanks get below 25-30%.


Hot water method


A third option to check your propane tank level is to pour hot water down the side of the tank and feel until you reach a cool spot. Recall that liquid propane is below -44°F. Therefore, the point at which the tank feels cool is the level of liquid propane. The tank will be warm to the touch, above that level, where the vapour in the tank collects.


Delivery Options


We offer two delivery options to accommodate your propane requirements: will-call and automatic delivery. It’s particularly important to monitor your propane tank level if you prefer the will-call option. We’re committed to fulfilling orders within one or two business days upon receipt. To avoid any disruptions to home comfort, we kindly ask our customers to be mindful of this lead time. The automatic delivery option operates from degree-day formulas, a fixed interval, or the cellular monitoring system mentioned above. For more information on our delivery options, contact a member of our team or visit our YouTube page!

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