Safety first

Winter Safety Tips for Your Propane-Powered Ontario Home

Propane heating systems are a safe and effective way to keep you comfortable all winter long. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be knowledgeable about what could happen in your home when using propane – or that you shouldn’t be ready to act during an emergency if one arises. Here are five propane safety tips for […]

2019 Resolutions: Six home comfort promises to make and keep

Believe it or not, 2019 has arrived – and that means it’s time once again to make your New Year’s Resolutions. Why not make some that will cut stress and make you more comfortable in your Ontario home? Here are six promises to make and keep that will save you money, make you happy, and […]

Propane: What is that smell?

If your home or workplace is powered by propane gas, a keen nose and an ability to think quickly can be vital assets when it comes to staying safe. Your nose matters because propane has a distinctive rotten egg odor – something propane producers add to propane gas to make leaks easy to detect (propane is […]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the Core Fuels Family to Yours!

It’s that time of year again – a time for joy and celebration with our families in our warm and cozy Ontario home. It’s also a time to think about all we’re grateful for – and for us, that includes having you as part of the Core Fuels family of customers. This holiday season, we wanted […]

Thermometer in the snow

Can Propane Freeze in Your Outdoor Propane Tank?

If you heat your home with propane, you already know how well it keeps your family warm and safe no matter how cold it gets here in Ontario. But just how cold can it get outside before the gas in your outdoor propane tank starts “acting up?” The answer is pretty dang cold. Propane turns […]

Save money

Six Money Saving Tips for Winter Heating Bills in Your Ontario Home

Winter hasn’t officially arrived here in Ontario, but heating season certainly has – and with that heating season comes heating bills. Want to keep those bills as low as possible? Here are six ways to do it: Use your programmable thermostat. Drop temperatures by two or three degrees for eight hours a day (when no one […]

Dog under blanket

Have You Checked Your Propane and Heating Oil Levels?

Winter 2018-19 may not officially arrive until December 21, but with temperatures dipping into the single digits last week we have already gotten a taste of what Mother Nature may have in store for us in the coming weeks here in Ontario. Sudden temperature drops like the ones we recently experienced can cause you to […]

Family spending time together

Why Choose Automatic Heating Oil Delivery from Core Fuels?

No one wants to deal with the hassle of managing their heating oil supply – or with the consequences of a heating oil runout. Fortunately, there is a FREE service from Core Fuels that helps you avoid these problems while taking many of the hassles out of heating your home: Automatic Heating Oil Delivery. If you’re […]

Three things you can do to help us keep your fuel deliveries coming

Winter can be pretty unpredictable here in Ontario, and that unpredictability can make delivering heating oil or propane challenging: the combination of blizzard conditions, packed ice and extreme cold can make it difficult for our delivery teams to reach you and provide the fuel that keeps your family safe and warm, or your business up […]

Farmland behind man

Farmers: Look Back and Plan Ahead for Your Propane Supply

Harvest season can really put a strain on your farm’s propane and agricultural fuel supply – if you find yourself a short as we hit the tail end of preparing this year’s crop, call us for a propane delivery or agricultural support services to keep you on schedule. If you have already made it through this […]