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Core fuels offers various delivery options:

Automatic Fill

Most of our customers are scheduled for automatic propane delivery. We encourage this because there is less of a chance of running out of propane.

Our automatic fill system is based on a degree day meaning if the average temperature for the day is below 18 degrees, most customers will require some heat to be used for their homes.

This system helps us calculate how much propane you will use for each degree day, letting us know when to fill your tank. If an automatic fill customer runs out of propane, we will fill the tank right away.


With the Will Call propane delivery option, it is very important that you keep an eye on the level of propane in the tank. Please allow three working days for delivery.

If you supplement your heating fuel with other methods like wood or corn stoves, please notify us so we can service the account on a call-as-needed basis.

With Will Call, you must re-order fuel when your tank gets to 20%. We also offer a wireless monitoring system that allows you to view your tank fuel percent from the comfort of your home. These monitors are available for a small fee.

Calendar Day

If you would like your fuel delivered at a specific time of the year, such as every November and April, we can program our system accordingly. This option is especially useful for seasonal customers.

Please call us and we’ll help you choose the best delivery option.

NOTE: If you unintentionally allow your tank to run out of propane, we have an after hours emergency service that comes with an extra cost.

Remote Tank Level

Check propane levels instantly from the comfort of your own home with remote tank level monitoring.

This system can be used by customers who may not steadily consume propane, those who may be absent for an extended period, or those simply looking for added peace of mind. The Nee-Vo system helps reduce truck traffic at your site while also maximizing the shipment of propane.

Using the Nee-Vo mobile app from your smartphone eliminates the guesswork from tracking propane levels, delivering real-time accuracy to the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring:

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