Carbon Monoxide Safety for Propane Users

For many of us, crisp fall weather signifies a retreat to our cozy abodes. We reluctantly have to dial up our thermostats and throw on our fireplaces. As your appliances kick into high gear, it’s important to be mindful of some basic safety practices regarding your home propane system. Carbon monoxide can be a silet […]

The Core Fuels Market Outlook for Q3, 2023

Distillate and gasoline prices have been on the rise over the summer. Several factors have taken their toll. Geopolitical influences and cutbacks from OPEC have persistently weighed on the markets. With that being said, WTI crude oil has stabilized at about $80 per barrel for months now. Finished petroleum products have resisted this trend and […]

The Core Fuels Market Outlook For May, 2023

Energy markets continued to be somewhat steady throughout May. Crude Oil is in the low to mid-seventies, staying at the low end of the twelve-month average. The Nymex futures are within this range as well. Demand is strong and it looks like the market is well supplied. Distillate markets have also been steady at the […]

The Core Fuels Market Outlook For April, 2023

Energy markets have remained somewhat stable for the month of April. At the time of print, it looks like West Texas Intermediate price of crude oil will decline for a sixth straight month. Over the last three months, we have seen refinery margins shrink from recent highs. This has led to speculation that production will […]

Every Child Deserves to have a Safe, Clean, Healthy Ride to School.

Here’s an interesting article about propane buses in the States. We believe that there is room at the table for a diverse mix of clean energy solutions. Contact our team today if you have more questions about the benefits of auto propane.    Propane buses offer many of the same environmental benefits of electric — […]

The Core Fuels Market Outlook For March, 2023

The insolvency of several American and European banks has scared investors and put downward pressure on the energy markets. Speculation over a slowing economy is what drove the markets down. Consequently, energy prices have risen. WTI crude oil is back into the mid $70’s after falling below $70 mid-month. There was a large draw-down on […]

The Core Fuels Market Outlook For January, 2023

Energy markets, across the board, continued to slide in January as inventories build. Crude oil is trading in the mid-70s and has been trending downwards. Unfortunately, Canadian crude is still selling at a major discount to the WTI benchmark – which doesn’t benefit anyone. The lower crude market and inventory builds have helped push gasoline […]

Check Your Propane Tank Level

tank monitor

As the mercury drops, we’d like to stress the importance of monitoring your propane usage. The temperature that the state of propane changes from liquid to vapour is -44°F. This is the vaporization point. Pressurized propane vapour in your tank is what fuels your household appliances. As temperatures rise, more vapour is created. Conversely, as […]

4th Annual Holiday Food Drive

Our team is very pleased to participate, once again, in an annual food drive. Together with our partners, we aim to support the less fortunate and build stronger communities. It’s a difficult time of year for some and contributions are needed! To help a great cause, please visit one of our offices with non-perishable food […]

The Core Fuels Market Outlook For November, 2022

The price of crude oil continued its decline over the month of November. As of press time, West Texas crude is sitting around $80.00 per barrel. Inventory levels in North America are still above last year’s levels, so we appear to be in decent shape. However, Western Canadian crude is trading at a $30.00 deficit […]