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Underground Tank Installation

An inside look at our service team installing an underground propane tank.

Core Fuels / Red Cap Propane

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Core Fuels / Red Cap Propane

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Did you know about the different delivery schedules available to Red Cap Propane customers? Pat discusses these options to ensure your family stays warm this winter! Like and subscribe for more helpful fuel and propane tips.

Winter Diesel

We encourage the proper handling of diesel fuel. Kevin discusses some very important information to keep your diesel engines running smoothly. Keep your tanks full this winter, folks!

Propane Cylinder Transportation, Handling, and Storage

Dave from Waterloo County Propane discusses proper handling procedure for 20lb barbeque cylinders. Happy Grilling!

Gasoline Grades and Applications

Just bought a new chainsaw or leaf blower for some spring clean-up around the cottage? Owen discusses your fuel options and why we recommend premium gas for small engines. Find us on social media and follow our channel for more helpful fuel tips!

How You Can Help Our Drivers Deliver Successfully

Chad from Core Fuels / Red Cap Propane lets you know how you can help drivers execute successful deliveries. Plowing and deicing laneways, clearing a path to your tanks & leashing pets are some tips to ensure we get in and out without a hitch! Please like and subscribe for more helpful propane and fuel tips. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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