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Meet the Core Team: Dave Kraus

As we inch toward the holidays, we are increasingly appreciative of all the hard work that our Core Fuels team members do. Each of our teams are committed to bringing the best quality fuel and service to our fellow community members, and their tireless effort will make this holiday season an especially warm one. 

This month, our spotlight shines on Waterloo County Propane’s Dave Krauss. A sales consultant for over 20 years with 16 of those years being here at Waterloo, Dave’s commitment to providing optimal fuel solutions to Waterloo customers is unrelenting. Despite living in nearby Guelph, Dave serves the Cambridge community with pride and is an ardent supporter of the Argus House youth charity. 

Dave Krauss

Dave’s career in fuel began when he took a job driving for Superior Fuels in his early 20’s, and in the years since he has worn many hats. Dave’s tenure at Waterloo began as a driver, though he also gained experience in the service department before ultimately moving into the office to assume a sales position. Learning multiple aspects of the business has benefitted Dave as a sales consultant, allowing him to carve out “a little bit of a niche” when it comes to serving customers. 

When Waterloo County Propane joined the Core Fuels family in 2019, “there were some big changes,” according to Dave, including the adoption of all new computer systems. “It took some time, but we’re growing—and being able to fuel more members of the community is a great thing.” Whether he’s working in the office, delivering fuel solutions to customers on the road, or wearing any one of his other professional hats, Dave is an integral part of the Core Fuels family. 

Outside of Waterloo County Propane, Dave continues to find ways to be of service. One such way sees him serve as a Propane Training Institute (PTI) instructor, a position he has held since 1991. Teaching seasoned fuel professionals and fresh faces alike, Dave leads 10 courses which focus on the safe transportation and handling of propane. Whether instructing fuel professionals on updated best practices and regulations or helping the next generation enter the workforce safely, Dave’s propane expertise is a tremendous asset. 

With over two decades under his belt and more to come, we feel fortunate to have Dave as part of the Core Fuels family. Thank you for all you do, Dave! 

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