The Core Fuels Market Outlook for October, 2021

Worldwide oil and gas fluctuations in production, refineries, and shipment are resulting in the continued uptrend in prices. The energy crisis in China is reducing—or shutting down—oil and gas refineries in Asia, and Russia continues to control the flow of oil and gas to Europe. We are seeing multi-year highs in crude oil prices, which […]

The Core Fuels Market Outlook for September, 2021

The market outlook for fuel and propane is highly complex with many influencing factors. Distribution chains are global and elaborate. It starts with multiple methods of production, like offshore drilling and oilsands. Moving the crude product with large scale transportation methods involving pipelines, tanker ships, and rail cars to highly advanced and centralized refineries. Distribution […]

The Core Fuels Market Outlook for August, 2021

Crude Oil prices are beginning to level out and have seen a slight drop in August. Demand for oil and gas continues to rise, but production has increased–resulting in a decrease in price despite reaching a 12-month high in July. 12 months prior, the price of oil sat at nearly half its current value.

The Core Fuels Market Outlook for July, 2021

North American oil prices are on the rise, mainly due to lower inventory levels and political pressures on the pipeline companies. US crude inventories are expected to drop to their lowest levels since February 2020. Propane prices have hit their highest levels since 2013, due to high demand for exported propane.