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How To Reduce Heating Costs this Winter

How To Reduce Heating Costs

Well, well, well…Winter has finally reared its ugly head! Temperatures are plummeting and the cost of living seems to rise every day. Welcome to 2022! With that being said, the team at Core Fuels has put together these helpful tips on how to reduce heating costs to your home this winter:

  • Ensure windows and doors are properly shut, sealed and weather-stripped.
    • Windows (and doors) are opened periodically and can greatly affect the temperature in your home. Ensuring they are sealed and shut properly is crucial.
  • Try to plug drafty areas in your home.
    • Try different sealants where applicable for outlets and vents. Again, weather stripping works for doors and windows.
  • Routinely change furnace filters.
  • Block off unused rooms.
    • This will help keep heat in rooms where you and your household gather more frequently.
  • Dial back the thermostat at night and while away.
    • This will greatly save energy and as such save you money!
  • Limit wasteful hot water usage.
    • Water usage can account for a high percentage of your energy costs.
  • Service heating appliances regularly.
    • Poorly kept heating appliances can burn energy at higher rates. This will result in higher costs and lesser production.
  • Install a carbon dioxide detector.
    • Carbon dioxide is a biproduct of incomplete combustion and symptomatic of a poorly functioning appliance.
  • Limit exhaust fans in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Ensure exhaust from fans and appliances are clear of debris, snow and ice.
  • Open sun-facing drapes and blinds. Close wind-facing drapes and blinds.
    • Sunlight is a great source of heat.
  • Use register diverters to reduce warm rooms and help cold areas.

Keep your families warm this winter while saving some money. For more information on how to reduce heating costs, give our team a call at our Stratford, Alma or Cambridge offices. Please like and subscribe to our pages on social media!

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