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Get Ready for Summer

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the Jays are rolling – spring is in full bloom! As we dust off our patio sets and fire up our grills, we wait in eager anticipation for May to come around so that we can relinquish our pool covers and prepare our backyard oases for summertime. Here are some quick trouble-shooting tips from the folks at Core Fuels / Red Cap Propane to get your pool heaters up and running:

Igniting Your Heater

  • Ensure the breaker and heater are turned on and your thermostat is set appropriately.
  • Inspect the pump, filter, and venting. Clean out any debris.
  • Check that the gas supply valve is open and the pilot is lit (if not electric ignition).
  • Open the plumbing and filter valves to allow proper water flow.

Improving Water Flow

  • Keep the filter and pump strainer basket in good condition and clean.
  • Limit water features operating at once. Try alternating between the vacuum system and pool heater.
  • Ensure the pressure sensor/switch is not defective. Replace if necessary.
  • If using a variable speed pump, make sure you meet the minimum GPM flow for your heater.
  • Check that your pool water chemistry is accurately balanced and consistent.
  • Hire a technician to inspect the pressure sensor, high limit switch, thermal regulator and heat exchanger. Code stipulates that pool heaters shall be inspected on a yearly basis.

Generating Proper Heat From Pool Heater

  • Ensure the temperature sensor is installed properly and is in working condition.
  • Set your thermostat to a higher temperature.
  • Confirm that the pool heater is properly sized. An overworked and undersized pool heater will shut down from high limit switch activation. It won’t be able to effectively heat the pool.

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