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Four Common Propane Questions, Answered by the Canadian Propane Association (CPA)

Q and A

If you’re new to propane as a residential customer, you might have some basic questions about the clean, green gas – and if you do, there’s a pretty good chance that the Canadian Propane Association has already answered them.

Here’s a sample of common questions and answers from the CPA; for more, visit their website at

  1. Can I install a propane appliance or equipment at my home, business or cottage?

    A propane appliance or components of a propane system must be installed and serviced by a certified technician who will also arrange to obtain the appropriate provincial permits to do the work.

    Propane storage, handling, contractors, equipment and appliances fall under the jurisdiction of provincial authorities (for a complete list, click here). Contact the regulatory authority in your province to obtain the specific requirements for your situation and for assistance in locating a certified technician in your area.

  2. How are propane prices determined?

    Propane prices, like any other commodity, are not set by individual retailers; they are based on wholesale prices, which are influenced by a number of factors (see question # 2 above). When wholesale prices rise or fall, retailers and distributors generally pass on this change, at least partially, to end-use consumers. And like most consumer products, taxes and delivery charges are added to the wholesale price.

    For a more detailed explanation of propane prices, please see this document from the CPA.

  3. Can I use a propane appliance or equipment in Canada that was purchased in the United States or elsewhere outside of Canada?

    All propane equipment and appliances sold and used in Canada must be approved by a certification body accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and have an approval label attached.

    We suggest that you contact the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) or the jurisdictional authority for your province for advice.

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