Five Reasons to Upgrade to a Propane Grill This Summer

Propane grill

Canada Day is coming, which means it’s time to start planning for that amazing long weekend barbecue with your friends and family.

Rather than dragging out that old, trusty-but rusty charcoal grill and spending half an hour trying to light it (then half an hour afterward cleaning it), why not upgrade to a portable or built-in propane grill?

Trade in your back of briquettes for a propane cylinder (or better yet, connect your propane grill directly to your home propane tank) and you’ll enjoy:

Whether you are investing in a new propane grill this year or firing up your old one for a new season of delicious BBQ, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough propane gas on hand to make it through the long weekend, so stop in to one of our convenient locations in Stratford and Alma, ON for a propane tank refill!

Need an excuse to replace your rusty old barbecue with a new precision propane grill? How about convenient, economical propane tank refills from Core Fuels? Contact us today to learn more!