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Five Reasons to Convert Your Ontario Home or Business to Propane

Propane tank

Considering a propane conversion for your Ontario home or business? It could be one of the smartest decisions you will make in 2019.

Here are five reasons get on the propane bandwagon in the year ahead:

  • It’s a do-it-all fuel – Propane can power just about any appliance inside or outside your home from a single propane storage tank, including space heaters, a water heater, a clothes dryer, a built-in grill or cooking range, a pool heater, gas lights, standby power generators, and more.
  • It saves you money – Because propane costs less and burns hot and clean, making the switch to propane typically delivers better value and performance than appliances powered by electricity. Propane equipment also last longer – as much as twice as long in the case of a propane tankless water heater compared to a conventional electric- or oil-fired storage water heater.
  • It’s clean and green – Propane only emits a fraction of the greenhouse gas that electricity does, since the latter is often produced by burning coal or gasoline. And because propane burns so intensely, appliances use less of it to operate.
  • It’s safe – Propane enjoys one of the best safety records among fuels in the home energy industry, thanks in part to the fact that the propane industry is regulated by strict fire and compliance codes.
  • It helps ease your mind – Convert to propane and you will have the option to install a propane backup generator – a valuable piece of equipment for invaluable peace of mind during a power outage.

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