Core Fuels Card Lock Location Safety

Fuel nozzles

If you want a convenient way to keep your truck fleet on the move making money rather than sitting in long lines waiting to re-fuel, our Core Fuels Card Lock locations can be a valuable, time-saving option for you.

Just be sure to use them safely! Here are some safety guidelines to follow when filling your vehicle at one of our Card Lock sites.

Safety guidelines for our Card Lock locations

Open 24/7 for quick fueling of your commercial fleet vehicles and larger commercial trucks, our Card Lock facilities in Embro and Stratford, ON will pump all the ethanol and clear diesel you need to keep your fleet up, running, and productive. Our Stratford facility also offers coloured diesel, premium gasoline, propane, compressed natural gas (CNG) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

To learn more about our Core Fuels Card Lock options, contact us today!