Have You Checked Your Propane and Heating Oil Levels?

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Winter 2018-19 may not officially arrive until December 21, but with temperatures dipping into the single digits last week we have already gotten a taste of what Mother Nature may have in store for us in the coming weeks here in Ontario.

Sudden temperature drops like the ones we recently experienced can cause you to use more propane or heating oil than you realize as your furnace or boiler works overtime to keep your family safe and warm – which means that keeping an eye on your fuel levels becomes imperative if you are a Will Call customer and want to avoid a runout.

A fuel runout can be more than inconvenient: if it happens in the dead of winter, it can be downright dangerous.

It can also be costly: burning fuel from the bottom of your heating oil tank can clog your system with sludge that needs to be cleaned by a professional, and propane systems require a pressure test by a licensed contractor every time they are shut-down. Both of these services are paid for by you out of pocket.

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Fortunately, we offer a free service that can help you avoid fuel runouts altogether: Automatic Delivery. Here’s how it works:

Of course, Will Call delivery is still an option for you – the choice is always yours at Core Fuels.

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